Messages from Principal Sharon Fischer - UPDATED June 17th

Here is the latest installment of Sharon with You video - June 17th.



Congratulations to all of our parents who worked so hard over the past few months. Please know that we appreciate you and everything that you have done. We are planning a reverse staff parade next Wednesday, June 24 from 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.. So, any parents (and of course our students) who are willing and wanting to drive by the school next week, we will be out front (socially distanced) and would LOVE to see you then. We will also be collecting Chromebooks during that time.


NOTE for Grade 5 and 6 Band Students

All band rented instruments will need to be returned to the school doing the week of June 15-19. Please email Mr. Rahn at  to set up a time for drop off and he will meet you at the Grade 5/6 door to pick up the instrument.



Sharon with You video 1 - Sharon with You video 2 - April 27th.

REGISTRATION LINKS mentioned in video

- Clearview Online Registration Form - Kindergarten Registration Information

TECHNOLOGY LINK mentioned - Parent Chromebook Purchase Program


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