Stettler Schools Restructuring

At the Board meeting on January 29th, the decision was made to restructure Stettler schools to a K-6 and 7-12 configuration with the continuance of a separate Outreach school.  This forward thinking step was taken with the best interests of students in mind.  This configuration will provide grade 6 students with leadership opportunities consistent with other Clearview schools.

However, I realize many parents have expressed concern that younger students in grades 7 and 8 may be forced to grow up faster, and will somehow be negatively influenced by older students.  Parents can be assured that caring adults will still teach and look after the grade 7 and 8 students.  Younger students will not be physically moved to be among high school students.  Younger students will continue to be well supervised, and will not be afforded the same freedoms and privileges as high school students.  In reality, younger students will continue to be cared for as they are now in likely the same rooms they currently occupy.

Based on my thirty plus wonderful years of experience as an educator, school and district leader, I  have come to have a lot of faith in young people of all ages.  I believe that children rise to the level of expectations.  From my interactions thus far, I have been favourably impressed with the behaviour of all of our Stettler students.  Your children are good people whether they're seven or seventeen.  I trust and believe in them.

So, what will be different?  I believe that your children will have enhanced learning and extra-curricular opportunities in this new configuration.  Any high school resources younger students may need will be readily available.  There will be greater opportunities for staff to share their expertise with a greater number of students.  Reducing transitions will allow administrative and counselling staff to support students from an earlier age.  Many of the athletic challenges identified can be more easily addressed.  

We, as a school community, commit to maintain the same nurturing environments your children currently enjoy. Our success will continue and grow stronger.  We are looking forward to exciting times ahead to create new opportunities and new traditions.  We invite you and our staff to be part of it.  You will play a key role as we work together to address issues identified, but more importantly, to create a brighter future.  Please watch for my invitations; I value your participation and voice. I look forward to working with you in the coming days and months.