SES Christmas Concert 2021

SES Virtual Christmas Concert 2021

Our SES Virtual Christmas Concert for 2021 is here!

Here is the link to the SES Virtual Christmas Concert 2021.

A HUGE shout out to Mrs. Kirby for all the hard work that has gone into getting the students ready, filming, editing, and putting it all together for you in the slide deck. 


A couple reminders.

1. This is best viewed using a computer or laptop vs. a mobile device.

2. Click "PRESENT" / use presentation mode.

3. For the videos, click on the gear and adjust the quality setting to 1080.

4. If too many people try to access the files at the same time, you will get an "UNAVAILABLE" message.  Try again later. 

The concert link will be available for an extended period of time. Enjoy the show.