COVID Information for Parents

COVID Information for Parents

Updated information (2021-09-03)

The following guidelines (effective Saturday, September 4 and including the return to school on Tuesday, September 7) may evolve and change as continuing conditions and information is appreciated and understood.

Clearview may provide more guidance in the future as the challenges of a COVID-19 learning environment (including possible further direction by the Alberta Government) changes or more information is available.

  • Masks for students in Clearview schools are not mandatory, but are highly recommended
  • Masks for staff in classrooms are optional for the staff member.
  • Masks for staff or visitors outside of classrooms, including commons areas or in interactions with other staff, will be needed at this time.
  • Masks for staff and students will be needed for all indoor facilities (including Clearview facilities and school buses) that are not schools, as per Alberta Government guidelines.
  • For staff and students, masks are not required when outdoors, and a two metre distancing should be considered where reasonable and possible.
  • Staff will be encouraged to maintain a two metre distance from other staff as best possible.
  • Visitors to schools should be limited as best possible, and will be determined by the school.
  • Rentals of facilities and schools will be delayed until a future time.
  • School sports and field trips will be determined by the school and in consultation with families.
  • Large gatherings of students including assemblies may be limited where the school so determines.
  • Cohorting will not be required at this time, and schools should consider what cohorting may look like and how to operationalize if it becomes needed.
  • Close contact tracing and communications on positive COVID-19 cases in our facilities will follow Alberta Health Services guidelines, which at this time are not done unless determined needed by Alberta Health Services.
  • The staff Recognition Night scheduled for September 30 is still under review and further information may be available next week.

Please visit the Clearview School Division website for more information.