Principal's Message

Welcome Back to School!


We are very excited to be back at school and to see all of the happy faces of our students, and to hear all the laughter and excitement in the hallways. The staff at Stettler Elementary School hopes you had a fantastic summer holiday, and had lots of time for visiting family, enjoying the sunshine, and simply relaxing. It truly is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and we are very excited about the 2018-19 school year. Our teachers have been trained in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and we are continuing with the “The Leader in Me” program again this year. However we have a number of new staff this year, so we will be offering the Seven Habits Training” for all of our staff who have not yet been trained. We have seen a great deal of growth in our students as leaders since the implementation of this program and we look forward to seeing continued growth.


Our school is Playschool through Grade 6 School, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our staff:

The staff in our StartRight Playschool Program include: Mrs. Karen Meyer, Mrs. Donna Gendre, Mrs. Lisa Smith and Miss Kelsey Rachar. In Kindergarten we have Mrs. Geraldine Bruketa, Mrs. Kim Thorne, Mrs. Amore du Toit, and Miss Taylor Fox. Our grade 1 teachers include Mrs. Theresa Jackson, Mrs. Kelly Lang, Ms. Jodie Limpert, and Miss Alix McDonald. In grade 2 the teachers we have include Mrs. Donna Boyd-Stadelmann, Mrs. Brandy Erickson, Mrs. Annette Hunter, Mrs. Sonya Geddes, and Mrs. Cindy Starling. Our grade 3 teaching team are Mrs. Glennis Ecklund, Mrs. Katherine Melnyk, Mrs. Karen Rachar, Ms. Haley Tod, and Mrs. Rachelle van Ringen. In grade 4 we have Miss Joeleana Duarte, Mrs. Bonnie Lynn, Mrs. Kim Poapst, Mrs. Barbara Pisko and Ms. Leah Watts.  In grade 5 our teachers include Miss Kendra Blumhagen, Mrs. Carmen Fox, Mrs. Sandra Norman and Miss Aimee Roste. Our grade 6 team consists of Mrs. Marci Nemetz, Mrs. Erin Prehn and Mrs. Christie Ruddell. Mrs. Tricia Kirby and Mrs. Beth Lynes will continue as our Music specialists, and Mr. Eric Rahn will once again teach band to our grade 5 and 6 students. As well, Mrs. Kim Poapst will continue as our physical education specialist. We are also very excited to welcome Mrs. Janice Zazulak to our team as our Inclusive Education Specialist and Mrs. Denyse Boyd will once again be our Literacy Support Teacher. Our Librarian and Maker Space teacher this year will Mrs. Becky Baltimore again and our Educational Assistants at SES this year include Mrs. Kendra Duff, Mrs. Dawn Fryer, Mrs. Colleen Helgeton, Mrs. Gelasia Long, Ms. Cindy Milner, Mrs. Liana Nichols, Mrs. Sheila Norman, Miss Kae-Lynn Sorensen and Mrs. Tanya Tulan. Mrs. Denise Wiens will continue to take on a supervisory role during lunch recess and after school, and our Family Wellness Worker is once again Mrs. Penny Dahl. We are excited to have Mr. Jeff Lee continuing as our Vice-Principal and in our office we are once again thrilled to have Mrs. Patti Sahli and Mrs. Leila Ternes.


We are also looking forward to working with the parents and the community again this year. Your input is valuable, so please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time. The programming and opportunities for our students will continue to be excellent, but we depend on you and your input to make this a truly collaborative environment. Our website is an important source for communication between the school and home. We will be using School Messenger this year to communicate with our parents, and we are thrilled to have both a Stettler Elementary School Facebook and a Twitter page as well. These platforms will be used to cover many of our events at the school.


We are looking forward to another fabulous year at Stettler Elementary School, and again we welcome and encourage parents and community members to visit our school. As well we make every effort to make your child’s experience at Stettler Elementary School as positive as possible. Our students and staff do everything possible to make this school a great place to be, however if your child is experiencing any difficulties at school, or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


School Fees/KEV

Stettler Elementary School is excited to be in our fourth year of using a cashless system. Our fees for three day kindergarten program are $70.00, and fees for five day kindergarten are $100.00. Fees for grade 1 are $75.00 and fees for grades 2-6 are $85.00. Please note that these fees include field trip coverage again this year, so that is an expenditure that you will not see later in the year. We invite you to please use our KEV cashless system or make cheques payable to Clearview School Division #71 when paying your school fees. This online cash system will make it more convenient for families to pay for most school items including school fees, extracurricular activities, milk program, and hot lunch.


School Web Page

Our school web page has a calendar and a wealth of other information along with pictures and news items relating to our school. Check this site often at or simply go to and find our web page under the schools section of Clearview’s web page.


Terry Fox Run

SES will be hosting our annual Terry Fox Run on Friday, September 28.  Students and staff will meet in the gymnasium at 2:00 for an assembly and then we will all head out to the track. Everyone will walk/run on the track for approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Parents, grandparents, babies in strollers, babysitters, siblings, and friends are welcome to join us! Students will be collecting pledges during the next few weeks, and we ask that all money and pledge sheets (even if not used) be returned to their teacher no later than the day of the run. The classes with the highest earnings will be rewarded and I am certain that Mr. Lee, and I will be up to whatever challenge the students have for us this year. We look forward to seeing many of you on the 28th, and we wish all of our families an outstanding first month of school.