Stettler Elementary School has long practised a philosophy which believes in the merit of the well-rounded student.  In a practical sense, this means that if students have opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities in which they are interested, the result will be a positive effect on their learning and on their lives.  However, this belief can only find reality if adults, primarily staff, give of their time and talents to create, organize, and conduct activities for students.  We are fortunate to work among many talented, high-energy people, and thus, activities both in and outside the classroom are reflective of that initiative.  Interest and activities vary from year to year, but some things our students typically might take part in are, in alphabetical order:

  • Authors and Books on the Computer
    Students in grades four and five may elect to explore internet sites that cover areas of literature or are book-related.  Mrs. Pinder meets with this group in the mini-lab.
  • Author Visits
    Currently published authors visit our school and our library.  Students therefore have personal contact with a person who brings the writing to life for them, and inspires more creative works.  These are organized by Mrs. Pinder.  
  • Book Club
    Dedicated readers meet to discuss, choose, and read books before discussing things liked, things not liked, best parts, etc. of each book at the next meeting.  Thus, students have the opportunity to read and discuss excellent literature they might otherwise not have read.  Mrs. Pinder host this club.
  • Book Fair
    Scholastic Books comes into the school, a display and purchase schedule is created, and books are purchased by the students.  This is organized by Mrs. Pinder and supported by parents from our School Council.
  • Choral Speech Club
    Grades 4 and 5 students meet before school, at recesses and during lunch.  Their selections range from poems, duologues, to group scenes, to Reader’s Theatre stories.  Students may choose to enter the Storytelling category as well.  This is organized and conducted by Mrs. Boyd-Stadelmann and Mrs. Geddes.
  • Christmas Concerts
    Christmas Concerts involve all students and all teachers.  These popular concerts are performed once in each of Kindergarten, Grade 1/2 and Grade 3/4/5 concerts are each held twice to accommodate the large audience numbers.
  • Christmas Craft Day
    All grade 2 students rotate through various craft activities.  This is organized by the grade 2 teachers, and parents help create these delightful works of art.
  • Class Buddies
    Classes from Stettler Elementary team up with classes from William E. Hay Stettler Secondary School Campus to exchange story telling or drawings.  We also have classes in our school team up with each other to share activities.  For example a Grade 1 class might team up with a Grade 6 class to exchange stories and ideas.
  • Cross Country Run
    Students in grades 2-5 have the opportunity to participate in a Cross Country Run held on a Saturday in Wetaskiwin.  These students are bussed from the school and have the opportunity to have a fun run day.
  • Cultural Programs
    Two or three times each year, students are treated to performances, which are occasionally interactive, in many areas of performance – music, dance, drama, etc.  
  • Display Case
    Classes in our school take turns displaying their art work in the display cases just outside the main office.  Students have an opportunity to show off their talents.
  • Fieldtrips
    All grades in our school take part in fieldtrips.  Some classes go to different facilities throughout the year, and all grades take part in a year end fieldtrip.
  • Fit to Run Club
    In May and June the Fit to Run Club meets once a week in the Drama Room at 3:30.  Ms. Limpert has a nutrition tip for the participants and a warm-up, then the club members meet at the track and have a fun run!
  • Grades K-1 Fun Day
    Every year in June our school has a K-1 Fun Day where students from Kindergarten and grade one participate in fun activities outdoors.  Parent helpers offer their assistance and a fun time is had by all!
  • Grade 2/3 Track & Field
    Each year our grade 2 and 3 classes participate in a grade 2/3 track and field day.  The Phys. Ed. teachers coordinate this day with the help of the teachers and parent volunteers.  These activities are outdoors and include fun physical activities.
  • Grade 4/5/6 Track & Field
    The grade 4/5/6 Phys. Ed. teachers organize a track and field day for our students.  With the help of the teachers and parents this event proves to be successful and is enjoyed by all!
  • Grade 5/6 Co-ed Volleyball
    The grade 5/6 Phys. Ed. teachers along with parent volunteers organize and supervise an introduction to volleyball program afterschool.  Students will learn skills through drills and modified games.  This program will run throughout part of September, October and part of November.
  • Grade 5/6 Co-ed Basketball
    The grade 5/6 Phys. Ed. teachers along with parent volunteers organize and supervise an introduction to basketball program afterschool.  Students will learn skills through drills and modified games.  This program will run throughout January and February.
  • Grade Six Camp
    For four days in June, all of our grade six students visit Circle Square Ranch and participate in many outdoor camp activities.  The grade six teachers conduct the activities which include many fresh-air pursuits and skills.  A grand school experience.
  • Hospital Art Display
    Each month, Ms. Sawula co-cordinates with the hospital staff to showcase Stettler Elementary School art projects.  These projects are displayed in the hospital.
  • Intramurals
    Intramurals include cross country jog or walk, line soccer, beach ball volleyball, king’s court, floor hockey, line dancing, and basketball.  From September to May, grades 4, 5 and 6 students enjoy these activities.
  • Library Legacy Program
    Students enjoy this spring activity organized and carried out by Mrs. Pinder and our School Council members.  It is funded by our School Council.  Grade 5 students are treated to a luncheon and each chooses a book from a pre-selected hard-cover collection of new books.  Students dedicate their chosen books to the school in their own names.  Their personal book plates adorn the inside covers to provide a lasting memory of each student who passes through grade 5 in our school.
  • Milk Monitoring
    Grade 5 students help out in the kitchen just before lunch by handing milk to students from each classroom.  This helps to be sure the students receive their milk in a timely fashion.
  • Camp McE Basketball
    The goal for the mini basketball program is to teach children basketball skills in addition to increasing their cooperation, team concepts, fitness levels and most importantly to have fun!  This basketball program is under the direction of Mrs. Poapst.
  • Presentations
    Each year, various organizations contact the school and provide various presentations to each class.  Some of these presentations including bullying programs, farm safety programs and other fun interesting programs that the students enjoy.
  • Music Festival
    Every year many of our students are entered into the Stettler and District Music Festival.  Each classroom will perform a song, directed by the Music teachers.   We are very proud of our students at the Music Festival as they work very hard to be prepared for festival day.
  • Recorder Club
    Grade 5 students have the opportunity to practice their recorders during lunch recesses.  This gives students a wider range of extra curricular activities to participate in.
  • Recycling
    Our grade 4 students participate in a recycling program.  They pick up paper, juice boxes, milk cartons and other items that are to be recycled.  They take the refundable items to the bottle depot and use the money to buy items for our school.
  • Remembrance Day Poster and Essay Contest
    Each year we receive information from the Stettler Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and students in our school have the opportunity to learn about our Veterans and also to enter poster and essay contests.  
  • Science Fair Club
    Each year all grade five students have the opportunity to participate in a Science Fair.  The Science Fair Projects are displayed in the hallway of the school so that all the students in our school have the opportunity to view the displays.  Some of the projects are entered in the Red Deer Regional Science Fair.  This event is organized by the grade 5 teachers.
  • Senior Visits
    Students from Stettler Elementary School visit Willow Creek Lodge and the Auxilary Hospital to visit with seniors and to share stories with the residents.
  • Show Choir
    Our Grade 4 and 5 students have an opportunity to join the Stettler Elementary School Show Choir.  This program runs at recesses and after school.  The Show Choir performs at the Stettler & District Music Festival as well as other occasions in the community.
  • Terry Fox Run
    Students do in-class activities such as reading relevant stories, watching the Marathon of Hope video, participating in a poster contest, and writing about what was learned relevant to Terry Fox.  Our school raises large amounts for cancer research in this way, in  2000, was the highest fund raising school in all of Canada, exceeding $20 000.  
  • Used Book Swap & Sale
    Mrs. Baltimore organizes this used book swap and sale.  The students bring in used books and sell them at a very reasonable price.  The money is used to purchase new books for the classrooms.
  • Walk Across Canada
    Classes participate in a walk across Canada wherein they record the number of kilometers walked in the whole school.  This is a great participaction activity.